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Forms, Licenses & Permits

Grading, Plowing and/or Mowing Request Form

If you wish to request work from the RM of Elton for grading, plowing and/or mowing, please complete the form below and return to the municipal office or call the municipal office with your request.

Grading, Plowing, Mowing Request Form

License for Use of Elton Municipal Road Allowances Application/Form

Effective immediately, anyone wishing to use Elton Municipal Road Allowances for any purpose must complete the appropriate License Application each year, prior to the use of any road allowance.  If you wish to use a municipal road allowance, please complete the form below and return to the municipal office.

License to Use Road Allowance-Other 

License to Use Road Allowance – Hay

Baling for Hay:

Citizens may cut and bale hay from Municipal Roadsides under the following conditions:

  • A license from the Municipal Office must be obtained every year prior to the cutting and baling.
  • August 1 of each year is the deadline to have the roadsides cut and baled.
  • Bales must be removed within seven (7) days of baling - no later than August 8.
  • For more conditions please read Policy No. 4-2012.

Baling for Hay Licenses Issued in 2022 – Map of Licenses Issued in 2022

Lottery Licenses:

A lottery license can be obtained through the Municipal Office.  The prize value must not exceed $3000.00. To obtain a lottery license over that limit you must contact the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission at 1-204-954-9400 or toll free at 1-800-782-0363 or go to their website: 

BL 1324 Lottery Licensing


All beekeepers must operate and adhere to provisions of Manitoba Laws for Beekeepers as identified in The Bee Act which includes:

  • Section 9:  Every person owing or operating an apiary shall erect and maintain at the site of the apiary a sign clearly stating their name and address.
  • All Beekeepers operating with the RM of Elton must complete the Beekeeper Registration Form.  If the apiary is moved or additional locations are acquired additional forms must also be completed.
  • For more conditions please read Policy No. 36-2013.


Landowner written requests for improvements to Municipal, Provincial or Federal drains must be made to the Municipal Office. This includes all surface drainage and tile drainage projects.  All requests received will be reviewed by Council.

Policy No. 76-2020 (Drainage)