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Vision Statement: The vision for the RM of Elton is to provide a desirable and safe community for residents and businesses by enhancing amenities, growing the population, using sustainable practices and being fiscally responsible.

Current Council Members - November 2022 to Present


Position:  Reeve

Bio: Ches Bollman is a seasoned council member who has faithfully represented Ward Four since 2010, assuming the role of Reeve in 2022. As Reeve, Ches holds the pivotal position of ex-officio on all committees, where he leverages his extensive experience and leadership to guide municipal policies and initiatives. Beyond his civic duties, Ches is deeply rooted in agriculture, managing his farm with a passion for sustainable practices and community development. Married with children, Ches values family time and endeavors to create a prosperous future for both his family and the community he serves.

Contact Information
Ph: 204-729-6920


Position: Councillor, Ward 1
Township 11, Range 17 W

Bio: Neil Waldner brings a unique perspective to Council, having been elected in 2022 to represent Ward 1. Raised on Hillside Hutterite Colony, Neil's upbringing instilled in him a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for community values. Currently chairing the Roads Committee, Neil focuses on enhancing local infrastructure crucial for economic growth and connectivity. His background in farming and construction has equipped him with practical insights into the needs of rural communities. Neil cherishes family life and is striving to make a positive impact through thoughtful governance and community engagement.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-724-0101


Position: Councillor, Ward 2
Township 11, Range 18 W

Bio: Gregg Campbell has been an integral part of Council since 2014, earning respect for his proactive leadership and commitment to Ward 2. With chairmanships of both the Machinery & Property Committee and the Planning & Economic Development Committee, Gregg plays a key role in shaping sustainable growth and development strategies within the municipality. Gregg finds joy in family life, sharing special moments with his wife, son, and two daughters, while also relishing his role as a grandparent. His dedication to community service and balanced approach to governance exemplify his unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and prosperous community.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-724-5001


Position: Councillor, Ward 3
Township 11, Range 19 W

Bio: Rod Paterson, a respected council member since 2018, carries on a family legacy of civic duty, following in the footsteps of his father, Harvey Paterson. As owner of 4EST Tree Service and a dedicated farmer, Rod combines entrepreneurial spirit with a deep-seated love for the land and environmental stewardship. Currently chairing the Health & Safety and Accessibility Committee, as well as the Emergency Measures Committee, Rod prioritizes community safety and resilience. His previous experience at the City of Brandon enhances his ability to address municipal challenges effectively, ensuring a well-rounded approach to governance and community service.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-761-7697


Position: Councillor, Ward 4
Township 12, Range 17 W

Bio: Wes Pankratz, elected in 2022, brings a balanced approach to environmental conservation and agriculture and community representation to his role as Ward 4 Councillor. Serving on boards such as the Whitemud Watershed Conservation District and the Central Assiniboine Watershed District, Wes advocates for sustainable resource management and ecological preservation. Alongside his responsibilities on the Minnedosa Veterinary Board, Wes manages his farm with a focus on agricultural innovation and community engagement. Married with a family, Wes values the balance between family life and civic duty, embodying the principles of stewardship and service in all aspects of his life.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-720-5547


Position: Councillor, Ward 5
Township 12, Range 18 W

Bio: Cameron Hales has been an influential member of the Elton Council since 2010, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to municipal governance. His commitment to the community is exemplified through his roles as the chairperson of the Elton Municipal Utility Committee and the Integrated Waste Management Committee. Additionally, Cameron plays a crucial role on the boards of the Whitehead Elton Regional Water Cooperative and Evergreen Environmental Technologies (Landfill). In his earlier years Cameron was involved in various aspects of municipal service, including operating machinery and spraying for Elton.  His dedication to farming, family and public service reflects his profound connection to the land and community he proudly serves.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-724-4064


Position: Councillor, Ward 6
Township 12, Range 19 W

Bio: Melissa Bromley has been on Council since 2018, assuming roles such as Deputy Reeve and chairing pivotal committees including Finance, Personnel, and By-Law & Policy. With a background in accounting, Melissa brings a wealth of financial and strategic expertise to her governance role, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparent governance practices. Melissa’s commitment to environmental advocacy is evident through her representation on the Assiniboine West Watershed District and the Western Caucus, promoting sustainable development initiatives. Married with three children, Melissa balances her career in farming with her civic duties, striving to create a resilient and prosperous future for her community and family alike.

Contact Information
Phone: 204-724-2494

Previous Council Members

Council members 1884 to 2022