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ELECTION DAY: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Please continue to check back here for more updates regarding the 2022 Election as they become available.


Public Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 36 of The Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Act:

(a) that a person who wishes to have his or her name added to the voters list, or have any information about the voter on the voters list corrected, may do so by contacting the senior election official; and

(b) that as per Section 34, any person can apply to have their name omitted or obscured from the voters list to protect his or her personal security as follows:

34(2)  An application may be filed with the senior election official in person or by mail or fax.

34(3)  The application must

(a) be made in writing to a senior election official at any time other than during the period when the voters list is closed to revision;

(b) set out the person’s name and address; and

(c) include either an official document issued by a federal, provincial or municipal government that contains the person’s name, address and photograph or at least two other documents that provide evidence of the person’s identity satisfactory to the election official.

Shawna Paulsen, Senior Election Official
Rural Municipality of Elton, Forrest MB  R0K 0W0
Phone: 204-728-7834
Fax:     204-725-1865
Email:   info@elton.ca

2022 Municipal and School Board Elections Webpage: https://www.gov.mb.ca/mr/mfas/elections.html

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