The Audited Financial Statements for the year ending December 31, 2019 have been received in the Elton Municipal Office, a copy may be requested by: calling 204-728-7834 or emailing

Friendly Reminders

💩 Just a friendly reminder to please be a good neighbour and clean up after your pets. 💩 In the Villages of Douglas, Forrest and Justice they also must be kept on a leash as per our Animal Control By-Law. 🐱🐶

BL 1565 Animal Control

Douglas Sidewalks

Since winter is upon us, the sidewalks are very slippery due to the weather conditions – freezing rain, slushy snow, the variations in temperature causing the snow to melt during the day and then freeze at night.      

This is just a friendly RM reminder to the residents of Douglas that the RM will not be removing snow from the municipal sidewalks or back lanes as per Policy No. 53-2017. The RM encourages the residents of Douglas to be “good neighbours” and clear the sidewalks fronting your property to make walking for yourself, your neighbours, the elderly and the children safe.

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