Animal Control

For domestic animals please call Wendy Petersen at 204-724-2066 or Michelle at 204-922-1994.

Waste Transfer Stations

The RM of Elton operates three Waste Transfer Stations

#1 Forrest – located by the Municipal Office & Shop on Road 65N (Elton Road)

#2 Douglas – located to the west of Village on the south side of Railway

#3 Justice – located on 2nd Avenue

Evergreen Environmental Technologies (Landfill)

Evergreen Website

Evergreen Environmental Technologies Landfill is located on NE 11-14 17 WPM.  Directions are:

1) from junction of No. 10 and PR 353 – east 10 miles to Douglas/Cordova Rd

2) north on Cordova Rd 6 miles to PR 465 (Road 77N)

3) turn east 1 mile to dead end at PR 466

4) north on PR 466 for 3 miles (on west side of road)

Evergreen Environmental Technologies – Map/Directions

Acceptable Recycle for RM of Elton

Elton Rural Waterline Information

Water is tested bi-weekly for bacteria, which is reviewed by Manitoba Drinking Water Office.  Should a test have unusual results, Office of Drinking Water and the Water Cooperative are notified immediately to take required steps.   A complete analysis is required every 3 years and below you will find the documents and reports with specific information.

Below please find the links to the Whitehead Elton Regional Water Co-op Inc. (WERWC) Annual Report.

Operating License for Public Water Drinking System

2021 Annual Report

Organizational Charts (WERWC, Elton, Whitehead) Sep 20, 2018

Elton (Whitehead Elton Regional) 2019 Audit

Additional Drinking Water System information can also be found by following the link below: under View the Data for Public Water Systems Open Year Round.

Keystone Planning District

Keystone Planning District serves and supports the Rural Municipalities of Elton and Cornwallis.

Administration of all planning functions including building permits for the RM of Elton and RM of Cornwallis will be received and available at the RM of Cornwallis office located at 107191 Unit C Veterans way.

Site 500, Box 10, R.R. 5
Brandon, MB R7A 5Y5

General Inquiries
Angela Goodridge
Administrative and Technical Assistant

Office Phone: (204) 725-2001
Fax: (204) 725-3659

Brad Roth
Building Inspector / Development Officer
Phone: 204-901-3307