Protective Services


The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are the primary police agency for the RM of Elton.

Phone: (204) 726-7500



Fire Department Contacts

Fire Department Response Areas as of January 1st, 2020

Fire Coverage Map

Elton Municipal Council requests that, prior to doing any controlled burn, Elton taxpayers consider that resources for Fire Response may be limited due to the Covid-19 protocols we are all operating under. While Elton has not currently implemented a Burning Ban, conditions are being monitored including response ability for staffing for medical responses as well as weather conditions relating to fire. Elton would appreciate that all parties consider alternate methods than burning prior to proceeding. If any residents have a water tanker that they are willing to provide for firefighting purposes in case of a reduced response from our fire departments, please contact the Elton office at or 204-728-7834 and provide your name and contact phone number.

Please remember that any controlled burn is required to be reported to the appropriate fire department and the Municipality before and after the burn as follows:

Brandon Fire Department Area

Ph: (204) 729-2400 or (204) 729-2413

All other lands not listed in CFB Shilo or Rapid City & Rivers/Daly areas below

CFB Shilo Fire Department Area

Phone: (204) 765-3845

Douglas & lands south of #1 Highway (Sections 1, 2, 3-11-17)

Rapid City Fire Department Area

Phone: (204) 826-2515 – Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30 pm

Chief Ryan English – Ph: (204) 761-5778 (after hours only)

Sections 18, 19, 30 & 31-12-18 & Sections 13 to 36-12-19

Rivers/Daly Fire Department Area

Fire Chief – Richard Brown 204-573-6852

Deputy Fire Chief – Jeff Worth 204-573-7840

Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 17,18-12-18 & Sec 1 to 18-12-19

Controlled Burning:

Please call the appropriate Fire Department before and after burning to ensure no unnecessary response fees are charged to Elton.